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Current News

Welcome to Dr Louise Tulloh & Dr Bronwyn Faulkner

We are pleased to welcome Dr Tulloh & Dr Faulkner who both joined us recently. They can be seen for consultation in both open and appointment surgeries.

New Website under construction

We are redesigning our website and this will allow patients to request prescriptions and make appointments online. Please be aware there will be some changes to processes, including the need to register and obtain a User ID. You can do this by collecting registration data from the surgery. The whole process of registration takes only a few minutes.


Patient Participation Group

We would like to set up a small group to help us look for areas to improve, or indeed areas to not change! We would also like to conduct a survey and will look for helpful suggestions for topics to cover. To this end we are looking for a number of patients to join us. If you are interested please contact the manager Margaret Warren for more details - click here.

Olveston Surgery Closed

We reached the difficult decision that maintaining our branch surgery at Olveston was no longer sustainable and it closed on 1st April 2012.

A copy of the letter to patients explaining the background is available by clicking here.

2014-15 Flu Vaccination information

Click link

Practice Survey 2011 & Practice Ratings (benchmarking)

Thank you to all our patients who took time during previous years to complete a reply in the governments ongoing postal survey. Your assessment of us can also be registered at NHS Choices.

        We feel very positive about the outcome for the following reasons:

  • The South Glos GP Practice benchmarking results, which compare 18 measures of good practice, showed us to be at the top of the rankings.
  • For opening hours, appointment access and quality of service we achieved a score placing us in the top few practices for South Gloucestershire.
  • The evaluation of the question ratings across the board has given us a higher % mean score than the National & Region scores.

Our ‘walk in’  clinics (therefore unpredictable in terms of numbers) are popular with patients and they are the one aspect of our service that patients plead with us never to change. A degree of waiting is inevitable with an open access clinic and to put patients in control of that wait everyone is given an indicative time of when they will be seen, giving you the option of going away and returning at the appointment time; we find many patients take advantage of it. 

Extended Hours

We have been offering some extra early and late appointments since November 2008. These are mainly intended for those who find difficulty getting to routine surgery times because of work commitments. These have been successful so far. They are held on Tuesday evenings. 

Child Immunisation Schedule

This is undergoing changes, some of which have already taken place. The latest schedule has been operating since July 2013 - click here for details.

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Letter to Patients:

To All patients registered at Almondsbury Surgery,

We are writing to you because we have reached the difficult decision that maintaining our branch surgery at Olveston is no longer sustainable and will need to close on 1st April 2012

We appreciate that this will affect a number of patients and the context and reasons are given below. We would like to assure you that all sessions and services will be reprovided at our main site in Almondsbury. Home visits will be available, as will telephone consultations, for those who have genuine difficulty in getting to the main surgery.

 It is worth noting that less than half (43%) of patients attending the branch surgery live in Olveston, Tockington, Aust and Pilning; of those the vast majority (83%) have attended the main surgery in the last year.

So Why Have We Taken The Decision To Close?

  • Due to financial constraints we need to manage our resources efficiently in order to maintain high quality provision for our patients.
  • It is expensive and impractical to duplicate all equipment across both sites
  • The facilities at the Olveston Branch require considerable investment including roof and window repairs and the interior where upgrades are required.
  • The facilities at Olveston are very restrictive in terms of storage and no longer suitable for running a modern practice ie we have oxygen at both sites we only have a defibrillator at the main site at Almondsbury.

Running a branch site is expensive and it would require significant investment to meet new standards that we suspect may be imposed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In the absence of equitable funding we cannot sustain standards and feel that it is more beneficial to our patients to concentrate our full resource at Almondsbury.

We have known for some time that there is a considerable funding variance across all practices that is not linked to quality of service or outcomes. Although Quality Indicators show us as the top performing practice in the area in terms of outcomes, referrals, access and prescribing (see charts below), we are one of the lowest funded.

 Recent negotiations with NHS South Gloucestershire, under a national initiative to address the inequity of funding across Primary Care, have resulted in no increase this year. We have been awarded a small increase next year but this does little to address inequity (we will still be approximately 13% below the AVERAGE funded practice) and does little to help us improve facilities for our patients.

We have followed a consultation process with NHS South Gloucestershire, with whom we contract to provide medical services, and we have also met with Steve Webb MP and Matthew Riddle a member of South Gloucestershire Councils Cabinet who has particular responsibility for Community Care.

We believe that there will be no compromise of care given to any of our patients, indeed we feel that to concentrate all of our resource at the main site has to bring positive benefits. No longer will our clinical team spend time travelling between sites allowing more time to see a greater number of patients at Almondsbury. Almondsbury surgery will open on a Friday afternoon to replace the current access at Olveston. Those that genuinely can not get to Almondsbury we will visit at home.

As always we are happy to answer any concerns you may have, this can be done in writing to Margaret Warren or via the web site ‘feedback’. We would ask that all feedback is made to us by Friday 24th February 2012.

Yours sincerely

The Partners







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