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Register with the practice Get a sick note
Make an appointment Get test results
Speak to a doctor Get a smear test
Speak to a doctor out of hours Get a repeat prescription
Get contraception Contact the district nurse
See the midwife Speak to the midwife
Get forms signed Have a chlamydia test
Get a 'flu jab Get travel advice
Get general information about flu Have my child vaccinated
Make a complaint Comment on the website


To register with the practice you will need either 1- your medical card or 2- to complete form FP1. (One of these items will be needed for each patient.) This needs to be signed and given to the practice- we will then process the registration. We ask all new patients to complete a form which gives us useful information pending the arrival of the medical records. We also offer a simple health check ie blood pressure, urine testing with one of the nurses or healthcare assistants.


You may make an appointment by telephoning the surgery, or in person. Click here for surgery times at Almondsbury.

Sickness certificates- now called 'Fit Notes'

Short term sickness is covered by self certificates - SC2 which is available from the surgery, post offices or the workplace. These cover up to 1 week of illness. If you are unwell for 8 days or longer the doctor will issue a certificate. These can be obtained during GP consultations or sometimes by telephone ie if you have had an operation. If you are receiving ongoing treatment at a hospital you should be able to obtain a certificate at your outpatient appointment- if not please telephone your GP to discuss.

If you have not been seen by a doctor before for the current problem (GP or hospital) and it is not a continuing condition it will be necessary for you to be seen by a doctor in person at the surgery.

Sick notes from the GP are normally free of charge. However, if you require a private certificate or you require a doctor's sick note and have been absent from work for less than 8 days there is a charge of 13.00.

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Cervical Smears

This test tries to pick up early changes in the cervix, (neck of the uterus) which, if left, could in later years become cancer.

Routine smears are carried out every 3 years (for women age 25-49) and every 5 years (age 50-65). Smear tests are performed by both doctors and nurses and you may request an appointment with either. If indicated a swab test, for infection, may be performed at the same time. See also chlamydia testing.

Cervical Smear results are sent out by letter.


Once the doctor or receptionist is aware you are pregnant they will supply you with an information pack. The midwife will then be notified and will contact you with appointment details. Usually the first appointment is at 10-11 weeks. If you have had problems with an earlier pregnancy, or there are special circumstances, an earlier appointment may be appropriate. 

Currently it is recommended that you continue taking folic acid supplements until 13 weeks. Also see Antenatal Clinic.

Chlamydia Testing

We offer self testing for both men and women. If you are age 15 - 25 and sexually active we particularly encourage self-testing.

For men this usually comprises collecting a urine sample; for women this means taking a simple swab (rather like a cotton bud) and inserting this in the lower vagina. Results take 10-14 days.

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Test results

Most test results are available within the week after the test. Make sure, when you are with your doctor or nurse, that you know how to obtain the results. It usually will be one of 3 options:

  • We will only inform you if there is a problem
  • You will be told to telephone for results
  • Your doctor will inform you

We are able to access some hospital investigations but usually these results are only sent to the doctor requesting them. We will not usually be informed of these results ahead of your outpatient appointment.

Cervical Smear results are sent out by letter.

Form filling

Some forms are completed by your doctor carry no charge ie information for hospitals, however many are not covered under the NHS and do carry a charge.

Common forms that are completed are:

  • Holiday cancellation forms
  • Driving Licence applications with photographs
  • Passport applications
  • Insurance Claims
  • Private sick note
  • Blue badge disabled parking form

If you want a form completed, please leave it at reception, with the rest of the form fully completed. The doctors have a busy time and form completion is not high on the list. Please leave several days before collecting the form.

Some forms will entail an examination ie HGV/PSV licence application.

If you wish to make an appointment for a medical, please telephone reception.