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Asthma Patient Questionnaire

Asthma Questionnaire
If it is some time since your asthma treatment has been reviewed (a reminder will be on the right hand side of your repeat prescription form) we would like you to fill in the short questionnaire below in order for us to update your record. Regular checks on your asthma control are necessary to prevent long term complications and serious ill health. If you have had a reminder, our practice asthma care plan needs an update before further medication is issued.
Please answer the following questions below deleting options as appropriate and return to our reception as soon as possible by pressing the submit button at the end of the questionnaire.
Smoking can seriously worsen asthma. Our nurses run a Support to Stop Smoking Clinic which we would encourage smokers to attend.
Thank you for answering these questions. Our asthma nurse will contact you if we feel you should have an asthma clinic appointment.