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Repeat Prescriptions may be requested by:

Handing in right side of prescription to reception

Email prescriptions    Internet (click link) Please note you will soon need to register to do this. See the Current news page for planned changes to the website.

    Mail (SAE if you require return by post)

    Telephone (after 10.30)

    Fax (01454 615745)

You will be allowed to have repeat prescriptions until you reach your medication review date as shown on the bottom of the repeat prescription slip. At this point you will need to have your medication reviewed by your doctor or nurse so please make an appointment or, if appropriate, telephone. If you feel that review is not needed or has already been carried out please let us know.

Please be careful about dosage of the drugs, check on your repeat prescription slip. Also note you will not be allowed to request drugs which are not on your repeat prescription. You will be dispensed your usual quantity of drugs as shown on your repeat prescription.
Please allow 2 working days for the request to be processed.
Early requests: If you are requesting a prescription earlier than would be usual please give a reason i.e. holiday, lottery win.
Please indicate a method of collection and also a telephone number for use in case of queries. Please note that to request 'Postal', we must be in receipt of a SAE, and to use a pharmacy collection service you need to make arrangements direct with the pharmacy who will supply us with a signed consent form.

Internet request:

While we are happy to process prescription requests through the website, and we are hosted on a NHS server, we cannot guarantee confidentiality with this method. If you have concerns about this please use another method.

* Your reference number is shown in the top right corner of the repeat slip.

Please give a contact number in case of queries. 


Date of birth (dd mm yy)      Collection 

Early request     
Contact number (no spaces)

Drug     Strength

Drug     Strength

Drug     Strength

Drug     Strength

Drug     Strength

Drug     Strength

Drug     Strength

Drug     Strength

Comments (enter your blood pressure if you take it at home)

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