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* Patient Participtation Group (PPG) – Meeting 5.9.19

Our PPG was set up in March 2016 and is flourishing. You will have seen them if you came to the annual flu clinic ably serving refreshments and directing your queries to us. We would encourage other younger patients to join them so that the group is more representative of the practice population. It is your surgery and your views on what we do well, and more importantly, what we could do better, would be taken into account.

Just before Christmas you will have seen PPG members in high viz vests monitoring the car park for us. As you know our car park is small and enticingly close to the school during the school run; however, it is a private car park for the use of patients attending appointments that morning or afternoon. The PPG reminded a number of drivers of this fact and their presence definitely deterred others who realised what was happening and decided to park elsewhere. We noted registration numbers and will be keeping an eye out for repeat “offenders”. It is essential that when people are unwell they can park relatively easily, and if they are delayed then so are the doctors and other patients.

We hope that the pre-Christmas reminder will be enough but will consider other deterrents if the need arises. The headmaster of Almondsbury School has been supportive and we appreciate that.

The next PPG meeting is from 6-7.30pm on Thursday 5 September 2019 in the surgery and the minutes of the last meeting in May 2019 can be found below.

If you would like more information on what is involved please ask Julie Lewis Operations Manager (01454 613161) who can put you in touch with PPG members.

PPG Minutes (15) 09.05.2019 v2