Coronavirus - Vaccine 

09/06/21  - Information for those requesting a different second dose Covid-19 vaccine to their first

An information document and form has been published for those people requesting a different vaccine to their first. The document includes details on what is known about the vaccine, why scientists suggest receiving the same vaccine for your first and second dose and the position in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

All patients requesting a different vaccine are required to sign their consent and produce the attached form at the vaccination centre that they attend. 

The full document is available here


13/05/21 - Covid-19 Vaccination Update

Covid-19 Vaccination Update

We are continuing to vaccinate patients aged under 40 and are working down in age order.

We will be sending invitations by text inviting patients to book their appointment via a link.

Please use this booking system if you are able as we are currently seeing a substantial increase in telephone enquiries.

If we do not have a mobile phone number on record for you, please email us (using the contact us page on our website) including your name, date of birth and what number you would like us to use. We will then update our records and send you an invitation.

Thank you


29/04/2021 - Updated Covid-19 Vaccination Guides for Patients 

A number of vaccination guides have been published and cover:

Please click on the title of the leaflet you wish to access