Almondsbury Surgery

Almondsbury Surgery Sundays Hill Almondsbury BS32 4DS


Repeat Prescriptions Can Be Requested By:

Handing In Right Side Of Prescription To Reception
Online Through Patient Access
Mail (SAE If you require return by post)
Fax (01454 615745)

  • You will be allowed to have repeat prescriptions until you reach your medication review date as shown on the bottom of the repeat prescription slip. At this point you will need to have your medication reviewed by your doctor or nurse so please make an appointment or, if appropriate, telephone. If you feel that review is not needed or has already been carried out please let us know.
  • Please be careful about dosage of the drugs, check on your repeat prescription slip. Also note you will not be allowed to request drugs which are not on your repeat prescription. You will be dispensed your usual quantity of drugs as shown on your repeat prescription.
  • Please allow 2 working days for an online request or 4 days for any other method, for the request to be processed.
  • Early requests: If you are requesting a prescription earlier than would be usual please give a reason i.e. holiday, lottery win.
  • If you have previously told us where you want to collect your prescription from (surgery/post/pharmacy – see conditions below), please leave the message box empty. If you leave a message for any other reason please always include a telephone number in case of queries. Please note that to request ‘Postal’, we must be in receipt of a SAE, and to use a pharmacy collection service you need to make arrangements direct with the pharmacy who will supply us with a signed consent form.

Out Of Hours


The doctors are happy to visit people at home if they are housebound or genuinely too unwell to come to the surgery.

Home Visits are, however, very time consuming and reduce the number of appointments we are able to offer – doctors could see 4 or 5 people at the surgery in the time taken for just one visit. At home we have limited access to records and equipment so care is generally better delivered in the surgery.

As a rule, we ask that patients come to the surgery whenever possible even if it means asking a relative or friend to bring you or getting a taxi. Children can almost invariably be brought to the surgery rather than seen at home.

We are only obliged to visit at home on the grounds of clinical need and not because of difficulties with transport.

If you think you may need a home visit, please try to call the surgery before 10.00am. Visits are usually done over lunchtime and in the afternoon.

The doctor may call you before coming out to visit to see if there is another way to help you with your problem.

Out Of Hours
Daytime When Almondsbury Surgery is closed (lunchtime, Wed after 6PM & Friday after 6pm)
Tel : 01454 613161

Other times: Night (after 6.30), weekend and bank holidays
Tel : 111

A trained receptionist will take your details and you will receive a call back from a doctor or nurse as appropriate. You will then be given advice or offered an appointment at the out-of-hours centre where care is currently supplied by Brisdoc.

As detailed above, visits are reserved for those who are genuinely housebound.

There is NO walk-in service, so do not attend the centre without speaking to them first.

Go to to find location of services.

Almondsbury Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Effective Management Of

  • Neck & Back Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Pre & post-operative rehabilitation
  • Acute & chronic joint & muscle problems.

Rehabilitation may be carried out in the pool or gym if needed. Assessment and treatment may be carried out at either Almondsbury Surgery or Aztec Hotel & Spa, Aztec West.

  • Qualified Pilates teacher
  • Individual instruction
  • Group Classes for all abilities

Please contact by phone or email: tel 07786 915442 or

Some non-urgent healthcare advice is available 24 hours a day from 111


Are you a carer? If so there is help available. Please contact the Carers Support Centre by phone or email: tel 01179375620 or Alternatively please speak to any of our GPs who will be happy to refer you to the service. For more information please take a look at the Carers Support Centre website A carers support pack is also available, just ask at reception. As a carer you are also eligible for free flu vaccination.

Mission Statement

This practice, although small, strives to keep on the leading edge of modern day primary care.
We try to ensure that we make full use of the latest technology where appropriate and keep astride of the constant organisational changes that have characterised the NHS over the last 15 years.
We have tried also to keep a traditional approach to general practice wherever possible.
As with any organisation, we have to apply processes to ensure that services are delivered in a structured, equitable, efficient and effective way. By their very nature processes limit a degree of flexibility. However, we like to think that these processes have been formulated BECAUSE of our patients and their needs and not DESPITE them or just for staff benefit.
We have a great admin team who support our clinicians in their aim to provide an optimal service and below are some ‘buzz’ words that the staff responded with when asked what they think of the service that this surgery offers.
We hope our patients feel the same; we encourage feedback either verbally, written or via NHS CHOICES and IWANTGREATCARE.