19/02/2021 - Vaccination Groups Update

You may have seen from the news recently that cohorts 5 and 6 are now starting to be vaccinated.

Cohort 5, patients aged between 65 and 70, will start to receive letters this week offering them the opportunity to book an appointment with one of the mass vaccination centres or pharmacies delivering vaccine clinics. GP practices will not be actively inviting these patients any further. However should you prefer to have your vaccine with us, please let us know and we can add you to our list of patients to book. 

For cohort 6 we are currently prioritising in age order, given that age is considered to be the most significant risk factor for Covid. If you are in cohort 6, we will be in touch soon. 

With regards to unpaid carers, we are awaiting a formal definition from the JCVI on who is eligible. Once we have this we will review our carers' register and take action accordingly.

And lastly we are aware that the government has extended the criteria for patients who need to shield. We have not yet received an update to our clinical system to allow us to identify if any of our patients are now being told to shield. Communications directly to these patients are coming centrally via letter or email. We have also not had confirmation whether these patients should book their vaccine with us or via the central booking programme. As soon as we have more information we will post it here.

Published: Feb 19, 2021