Mask Wearing Guidelines - June 2022

Due to a change in guidance, patients are no longer routinely required to wear a mask unless presenting with new respiratory symptoms or you are still considered to be at high risk of becoming seriously ill (despite vaccination ) if infected with COVID-19.

In addition, we encourage elderly people, those who are pregnant and unvaccinated people to wear a mask when in communal areas.

Confirmed COVID-19 positive patients should not attend the practice until after their infectious period (10 days from onset of illness or test) unless they have been asked to attend by a clinician, in which case they will be asked to wait in their car/outside until called in.

Visitors accompanying patients are not requested to wear a mask unless they are high risk or have symptoms of a respiratory infection. 

Our staff will wear masks when seeing patients with new respiratory symptoms, covid positive patients and those with possible covid.

Staff may also wear masks out of choice or if they are vulnerable. In this case they will also ask you to wear a mask – please respect that decision.

Published: Jun 23, 2022